Not every tattoo will have this exact process, but most of the tattoos I do follow this general guide. Here?s what you can expect, from beginning to end, when getting your tattoo from me.


1. The Consultation.

We meet. We talk. We tell jokes. It?s amazing.

This is when you and I figure out if I?m going to be the right person for the job. You show me your ideas. I show you mine. We come up with a game plan. Sometimes, I?m not the right tattoo artist for the job; but that?s okay! We can still be friends and I?ll do my best to help steer you in the right direction.

A consultation is supposed to be zero pressure. Tattoos are forever, there is absolutely no rush.

We?ll talk numbers, time needed, blah blah. Boring stuff.

If you are feeling 100% confident in moving forward, we set up the date.

2. The Booking.

We?ve broken the ice. Things are getting a little bit serious. It?s time for second base. You?re ready to commit your 20% deposit so I can get to work on your tattoo.

We work out our schedules, see what works for both of us and you get to set up your Tattoo Appointment. Don?t worry, we all know life can get in the way sometimes, so we?ll let you get a chance to reschedule?as long as you don?t wait until the last minute.

Booking with a deposit can be done in person at the shop or via email, because we?re fancy. You can even use the ol? credit card, because who carries cash anymore?!?

And then? 3rd base begins.

3. Preparation for?the tattoo.

Whew. Things are getting pretty heavy. You?re committed. I?m probably drawing for you, or tattooing other people (it?s nothing personal, I?m just a multiple client kind of girl ? you understand). You?re going to sleep well the night before, eat like a mildly healthy person, wear comfy clothes, and be pretty close to shower clean when you show up. I?ll try to do the same for you. We have mutual respect for one another like that, and that?s what I appreciate about you.

If you want to bring snacks, bring ?em. If you wanna bring a drink, go for it (non-alcoholic of course). Bring headphones if you wanna jam out. Whatever you want. I want you to feel as comfy as your clothes you?re wearing.

And now, we?re so close. It?s time to make things official.

4. The Tattoo.

It?s time. You?re here, probably a few?minutes early. I?m here, probably setting up for our special moment. I?m pumped. You?re probably a little nervous and excited, standing at the counter filling out the last of your paperwork.

I?ll come out, show you the design. If it needs tweaking, just tell me. You won?t hurt my feelings. The most important thing is that you?re happy. It?s going to be with you forever, so I want this to be right.

I?ll take you back, we?ll place the stencil, and you?ll get into the chair. If you have questions, ask. I will answer them. If you have concerns, tell me. I?ll make adjustments. Nothing is permanent until we start.

Once we?re both 100% sure, it?ll happen. It might hurt a bit, but you?ll like it when we?re done. You?ll love it. You?ll want more, and I?ll be here when you?re ready for more.