These instructions are for my clients and are not intended to negate the instructions for any other tattoo artist. I give a copy of these instructions to all of my clients. These instructions are available for download here.


Tattoo aftercare instructional guide thing

Getting your tattoo should be the only stressful part of your tattoo experience, so I have provided you with SaniDerm or Tatu-Derm (the “Derm”) at no extra charge.

These “second skin” products some of the leading tattoo aftercare products available today, utilizing the theory of moist wound management. It allows the skin cells to migrate without interruption of infection or abrasion, resulting in improved tattoo healing.

The Derm product should stay in place for 1-3 days while your skin is open and prone to irritation. After 24 hours, it can be removed if the adhesive if losing effectiveness.

However, leave the Derm on for the entire 3 days if it is sticking well. There might be pooling of fluids under the product; this is normal and your tattoo is unaffected. Do not worry.

When it is time to remove the Derm, peel it back SLOWLY from an edge or corner. Peel it back over itself in a rolling motion, not away from the body. Avoid stretching the skin. Baby oil or coconut oil may be used to help with the removal.

Once Derm is removed, clean the tattoo with a mild soap and allow it to air dry before applying an unscented lotion. All residues, oils, plasma and other bodily fluids need to be washed away entirely. Don?t be afraid to really wash your tattoo. The cleaner you keep it, the less likely you are to scab and the faster you will heal.

Don?t use anything abrasive to clean it, just use a wet paper towel or your fingertips.

Continue to wash and moisturize your tattoo as needed for the next two weeks.

All skin types are different, so there is no magic number of times to apply lotion. Listen to your body. If the skin feels dry or itchy, apply a small amount and rub thoroughly. No greasy residue should be left behind. Most tattoos will peel or flake during healing. This is normal – just don?t pick at it.

The top layers of damaged skin may look shiny while healing. We call this ?silver skin? and it is very normal. This silver skin will effect the look of the tattoo, so be patient while these layers of skin exfoliate to reveal your healed tattoo. This can last a few weeks. Once your tattoo is completely healed, remember to use sunscreen on it. The sun is your tattoo?s nemesis. If you need a touch up, that?s okay! I?m happy to offer you one free touch up within a year of your tattoo if we both agree it needs it.

If redness occurs while using the product, remove it and discontinue use. If you are allergic to adhesives, you should remove it immediately. Redness will clear up once the product is removed, and the tattoo should not be affected.