Rosaland is a Professional Tattoo Artist in Tempe, Arizona.
She currently works at Club Tattoo.
Her private space in the shop is filled with various Star Wars paraphernalia and collectibles.


Do tattoos hurt?

Pain is relative and varies greatly among individuals. The process of tattooing punctures the skin, so pain should be expected. Some pain is incredibly tolerable, while other areas may cause pain that is far more intense.

After the tattoo, most clients return for a second or third piece… so it can’t be that bad.

How can I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Preparing your body for a tattoo session is very important to ensure that you have a good experience. Get lots of rest, eat a light meal, drink lots of fluids before you come in. If your tattoo will take more than an hour, consider packing some headphones in case you aren’t a fan of the music and need to zone out. If you will be sitting for more than a couple of hours, dress comfortably and bring a pillow. You might find yourself stuck in one position for a long time, so try to make your time as comfortable as possible.

I have no problem with drinks (non-alcoholic) or snacks being consumed in my room, I want you to have a positive experience. Make yourself at home.

Can I see my art before my appointment?

In most cases, I stay busy enough that drawings are not finished long before the appointment date. If you want to see your drawing before your appointment, you will need to set up a viewing with the shop or via my website (Just include your appointment date and viewing request in the details) with a couple of days notice.

I want to ensure you will be happy with your design.

How do I make an appointment?

All appointments are scheduled through Club Tattoo. Once I receive your email for a request, I will forward your email over to the staff at Club Tattoo to reach out and collect your deposit, figure out a date, and finalize any particulars outside of the tattoo design. Deposit amount is 20% of the quoted price and goes towards the tattoo cost.

Deposits via email require a credit or debit card and are non-refundable. Cash deposits must be made in person.

I’m under 18, will you tattoo me?

Arizona state law does allow tattooing minors, and I have no problem offering my tattoo services to a minor who is at least sixteen years old and meets all of Club Tattoo’s requirements for receiving services.

The parent or legal guardian must be present at the time of service and sign off on the final design. Proof must be given of legal guardianship (birth certificate, certified court documents, etc) and photo identification for both the parent and minor.



Check out the gallery to see if Rosaland might be a good fit for you.
She specializes in Blackwork, Color, and Pin Up Tattoos. She is capable of doing most styles of tattooing, though.



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- RosalandTattoos Aftercare 300x300 - Aftercare

In case you forgot to grab your aftercare instructions from Rosaland’s room, feel free to download the PDF version of her instructions.